Enhancing creative skills

Written by Juan Campos

It has been said that “it is the supreme art of the teacher to awaken joy in creative expression and knowledge”. That is precisely what we are aiming at. The staff at Colegio Externado de San Jose is always striving for excellence not only in academic terms, but also in helping student develop holistically. With the aim of encouraging students to practice their English in such manner, we have recently carried out this year’s English Festival in high school.

In the event, there were participants from 10th and 11th year. Students engaged in a series of different performances. Among these, some students participated in sketches, others in delivering a speech, and yet others in performing singing acts usually accompanied by guitar. As regards the preparation for the event, the English teachers in charge of both levels had students do their auditions weeks before the event. Thus, only a select group of pupils were chosen to be part of the festival. The English Department also deemed it convenient to do other preparations which included decorating the school’s auditorium, where the event would be held, and preparing special awards for the best performances. Thus, the three best acts would be given a prize, in addition to a certificate of recognition for all participants.

Congratulations to all of those who had the confidence and determination to show their talents! We encourage all the student community to keep furthering their skills, both in an academic and personal approach, and excelling at everything we do.