English Fair for kids

Keeping students engaged is paramount for them to do their best at learning. In order to engage them in their studies, we planned an activity which would be different, an activity of the sort in which our youngest students would be able to develop their communication skills in the English language through interaction with others.

In this sense, the kids from kindergarten to third grade have had the opportunity to not only learn in a communicative way but also in a way that they had fun while demonstrating what they have learned thus far and expanding their study experience through the use of different projects, as usual, with the type of excellence that characterizes our education.

The English Fair took place during the morning shifts between Wednesday, June 8th and Thursday, June 9th 2022. The participants were a select group of students who had previously performed in class projects successfully. These students participated by giving short speeches or presentations with the use of visual materials they had created for their class projects.

The topics they talked about came from a wide range: physical activities and exercise routines, their family, the metamorphosis process, superheroes, among others. Regarding the visuals they presented, some pupils built a paper or cardboard train with pictures of their family members on each wagon, charts with drawings or cut-out images, and other handicrafts.

For the presentation, the presenters were arranged outside their classroom, on the hallways. Their visual aids were placed on top of their desks. Besides, the teachers from the English Department prepared the area of the presentations by setting up a board outside each classroom; these boards were decorated with different adornments allusive to the event. Decorative buntings were placed on the ceiling to generate a better ambience for the event. During the presentations, on the other hand, visitors from the grades mentioned above came to see each of the participants’ presentations.

In the end, all the participants more than excelled in their performance for the fair. As a consequence, each of them was awarded a certificate of participation in the English Fair. We proudly congratulate all of our students who participated!