Written by Juan Campos

Some state that perseverance is more important than sheer talent. Our ESJ students
have both: perseverance and a great deal of talent. Last week, on Wednesday, September
30th, they made an impressive display of their hard work and skill during this year’s English

There was an array of acts: some leaned towards acting in short plays, while others
preferred to sing both solo and as a band, and yet others chose to deliver some high-quality
speeches on a variety of topics. From the soothing effect of songs such as “My heart will go
on” to the powerful vocals and energy-filled notes of “Hold the line”, artistic talent and
passion for language learning were all over the place.
A crowd made up of seventh, eighth, ninth, tenth, and eleventh graders filled the
school’s auditorium room with with much expectation for what was going to happen, and
such expectation was never let down. All fourteen acts – coming mainly from eleventh, tenth,
and ninth graders – brought something new and refreshing to the audience’s delight.
We truly congratulate all this year’s festival participants and highly encourage others
to take part in it the coming year.